High School

High School Program (12 to 16 years old)

MARIA MONTESSORI's vision of an ideal High School Program is what she called "Erdkinder" (German for "earth children"). It is a vision of a farm-based community as an optimal place for 12 to 16 year olds to unlock their potential as self-motivated, independent, and fulfilled young learners.

MSK sees MARIA MONTESSORI's plan as viable in a location close to a rural community. However, being situated in an urban village, MSK will have to create a High School Program that could meet the needs of students close to DR. MONTESSORI's ideals, and yet could be adaptable to its present locality.

The goal of MSK for the High School adolescent is to fully develop an understanding of the evolution of life and feeling of responsibility toward aiding further evolution. In addition, it strives to develop an awareness of the similarities of the basic needs of all mankind and an appreciation for the varieties of ways in which those needs are met. MSK encourages the awareness of the interdependence of men and nations, with a desire for cooperation and peace. Through their studies, MSK expects the adolescents to perfect their skills and tools in the areas of mathematics, sciences, and language, as well.

In an era of technological revolution, entrepreneurship and social change, the MSK believes that the foundation of a good education for the adolescents is to ...LEARN HOW TO LEARN.


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