Mission and Vision

The Montessori Schoolhouse at Kent (MSK) is a learning institution established to apply the philosophy and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori in educating children to their fullest potential and instilling in them deep sense of independence, spirituality and social responsibility in an environment that:

  • respects each child for who he/ she is;
  • encourages individual initiative and personal interest to foster individual academic excellence;
  • offers choices that allow children to shape their own learning;
  • offers freedom within the classroom, encouraging self-discipline and productive use of this freedom;
  • promotes self-respect and respect for others;
  • brings together children of diverse ages, religions, and cultural and economic backgrounds in order to develop social skills and ethical standards.





The MontessoriSchoolhouse at Kent (MSK), guided by its Mission, aims to become one of the leading Montessori centers for basic education that will prepare the young for higher learning by:

  • implementing a Montessori-based curriculum;
  • providing authentic and complete Montessori apparatus;
  • providing meaningful co-curricular activities that will enhance children's speaking and writing skills and expression through the arts.
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