How MSK got started

Teacher Paz V. Alcantara felt the need for a real Montessori pre-elementary school to serve Filinvest East Homes and neighboring communities when she returned from a two-year teaching and teacher-training assignments in a Montessori school in Hacienda Heights, California, USA. After one year of preparing the school environment with authentic Montessori materials and the training of teachers, she opened the MSK Nursery-Kinder-Prep Program in the summer of 1989.

The complete Preschool Program attained government recognition in 1997. In June 2001, MSK started its Grade School Program in a new building equipped with the essential Montessori materials imported from America and Europe. It was granted Government Recognition the following year.

The High School, which is housed in the newly renovated original MSK building, began its course in June of 2007. Aside from its Special Education (SPED) Program for students with learning disabilities who are mainstreamed in regular classes in all programs, MSK also accepts students from other countries. The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has granted MSK the authority to teach foreign students. All these make MSK, the more complete learning institution.

MSK is located at Kent Street in the heart of Filinvest East Homes, a well-developed community that enjoys all the amenities of a modern subdivision. It ia a school nestled in a quiet environment adopting a time-tested and world-accepted method of education- the Montessori Method.

How MSK Got Its Name...

The Montessori principle of education dictates that having an ideal learning environment should start from the womb, then to the home, and eventually to the school in a smooth and gradual transition.

It maintains that early formal education is best achieved in an environment similar to that of a home. The absorbent minds of preschool children who still have an attachment to home, function well in a surrounding with facilities, services and atmosphere they are very much familiar with. The Montessori Schoolhouse at Kent (MSK), as its name suggests, provides this kind of "prepared environment".

Teacher Paz
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